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Basalt Stone

Hemal Exim Pvt. Ltd. has been supplying natural stone products for over 26 years and is a large supplier of basalt stone in India, also exporting to Australia and other countries across the world.

Basalt, also known as bluestone is a common gray to black volcanic rock. It is usually fine grained and is a very hard stone.  Some common uses are for flooring tiles, wall cladding, cobblestones, roadstones and ballast for rail tracks, and when crushed used for an aggregate for roads. It is also extensively used for making counter tops for kitchens.

Basalt is very competitively priced compared to some other types of rocks.

Basalt can be very decorative when used in buildings and can be used for indoors and outdoor projects. When used as tiles they come in various types of finishes:

  • Honed it is a semi-polished finish for interior use and cladding of walls.
  • Sandblasted etched is a non-slip surface for external use. The sandblasting also adds extra character to the stone.
  • A polished finish is a high gloss finish suitable for interior use and for the cladding of walls.
  • A flamed finish is an non-slip finish used for external paving or cladding of walls. The surface is mottled from the application of flame.
  • Bush hammered is an exotic non-slip finish used for external paving or cladding walls. The texture is rough from the application of a pointed hammer tool.
  • A chiseled Basaltino finish is a non slip finish for external use.
  • A basaltino sawn finish is a non slip finish for external use.

Below are some sample images of the various types of finishes. Click on the images to obtain a larger view.