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Kota Limestone

Kota limestone from which our limestone tiles are made, come from the Kota area if India. Whilst pure limestone is white, various impurities creates limestone in a range of colours from black to grey to blue and rich browns.

Kota limestone is very smooth and has a granular surface and comes with varying grades of hardness depending where it came from. It is a heavy and hardwearing stone, somewhat softer than granite or marble. This makes it easier to work with and is suitable for many indoor and outdoor uses. As limestone tiles it comes in a variety of decorative finishes such as polishing of harder limestones for floors and chiselled and bush hammered cladding for walls and water features.

Limestone’s porosity means that it absorbs water well, making it slip resistance. This makes it especially suitable for floors in wet areas or paving and paths in outdoor areas.

Hemal Exim is proud to show you a selection Kota limestone tiles below. Click on the image to show an expanded view of the kota limestone tile.