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Lets Start with a bit of technicality about sandstone from which sandstone tiles are made. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock consisting of quartz. Sandstone is very durable with a very high tensile strength.  Sandstone is formed when sand is buried under successive layers of sediment. Due to this burial the sand is compacted and as mentioned is binded  with an  agent such as quartz, calcite, or iron oxide. Sandstone has subtle colour variation combined with an extremely fine grain composition, making it the ideal exterior or interior stone for any situation.  Ideal for salt chlorinated pools.

Sandstone evokes exquisite elegance and splendor. It is considered a material of great tradition. It has been  widely used as  a stone for buildings as well as facing and even used for roofing tiles. It is also widely used as ornamental stone for interior decoration and for the cladding walls.

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