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Slate tiles are a popular material for the home as they are fireproof and an excellent electrical insulator.

Slate started as volcanic lava that flowed over the ground. This was composed of superheated clay deposits combined with ash. It eventually dried in layers similar to shale. Of course this took millions of years before the slate we see today was eventually formed.

Slate was easily split into slabs that made it easy to form slate tiles that Hemal Exim is now proud to offer to you.

The earlier use of slate was in the form of roof tiles that we can still see on many buildings today as well as some may remember as slate tablets for writing on in schools gone by.

Nowadays it is primarily used as slate tiles for floors, cladding and footways. Slate tiles are available in a wide range of colours. A slight mix and match of colours with some imagination results in some marvelous effects. One advantage of slate tiles is that unlike some other stone products they actually look better with age. Slate tiled floors are also easy to maintain as they don’t retain moisture and is the perfect fit for under floor heating. It is also very practical for families who have pets because patches like mud-traces from dogs and cats can be easily cleaned.

Below you will find a selection of slate tiles brought to you by Hemal Exim who source only the best slate to make them. Please click on the images to get a larger view.